Table of Contents


Revolutionary Organization and ‘Occupy’

In Solidarity with Paul La Blanc

The Socialist Caucus

Workers Claim Victory at Serious Energy

Israel, Occupy Wall Street, and Anti-Zionism

Taking the High Road

Occupy Wall Street

The Saga of Lies About Oakland Occupy

A Statement from Occupy Oakland

Occupy Oakland and State Repression

Occupy Wall Street’s Next Phase

Occupy Movement Crucial in EGT Settlement

How Occupy Helped Labor Win on the West Coast


The True Cost of a Small Fee

A Union at the Crossroads

Barack Obama Deals Crippling Blow to Unions

Black Teachers Fired En Masse

Canadian Labor at the Crossroads?

United States Politics

Are Wars Inevitable?

Veteran Chicano Activist Faces FBI Frame-Up

United National Antiwar Coalition National Conference

Will the Young Rise Up

Black Politics Atrophies Under Obama

Obama’s Proliferating Wars

Terrorists at Black Girls’ School

Western Oil Firms Remain as U.S. Exits Iraq


The U.S. Military: A Global Force

Statement on World Capitalism

Nigeria Pays Price to Big Oil

Nigeria’s Oil Disasters are Met by Silence

The Media’s True Lies

Syrian Local Coordinating Committees

U.S. Hands Off Syria! Victory to the Uprising!

Sowing the Seeds of Dissent


Greece in Flames

Deadly Fire at Prison in Post-Coup Honduras


Anti-nuclear Conference in Japan

Behind Bars

Bradley Manning and Occupy 4 Prisoners

Report from Bradley Manning’s Arraignment

Business is Booming for the Prison Profiteers

About the Court Argument on the 29th of February

Lynne Stewart Speaks from Carswell Medical Prison

Message to the Postal Workers

The Framing of Kevin Cooper

Suicide and Homicide on Death Row

We Dissent!

‘People Power’

Souls on Ice

Of Idiots and Sages

Letters to the Editor

Getting Ready for the G8/NATO Meeting in Chicago

Strategies of Deception