Table of Contents

U.S. Politics and the Economy

A Cold Winter in Northern Wisconsin

Workers’ Power, Workers’ Control

Inequality of Wealth and the Role of Unions

Instant Injustice

Imagine: If Mayor DeBlasio Really Were a Socialist

Now is the Moment to Save Our Postal Commons

A Festival of Lies

Black Madness Under Obama

Victory in Seattle Inspires Chicago Socialist Campaign

Seattle Teacher Elected to City Council

Drop the Charges Against Snowden!

Medicare’s Rollout vs. Obamacare’s Glitches Brew

Your Mind, Privatized

The Menace of the Military Mind

End Drone Killing

How Low Can Capitalism Sink?

South Africa: Forging a New Movement

Black South Africa Rediscovers Itself

Freedom Charter is Key to Struggle for South Africa

NUMSA Solidarizes with Korean Gen. Strike

Half Of Global Wealth Owned By 85 People

Injustice, Resistance Rising in India

Mass Murderer Ariel Sharon is Dead

The Legacy of Ariel ‘The Bulldozer’ Sharon


Fracking is Depleting Water Supplies

Incarceration Nation

Mentally Ill in South Carolina’s Prisons

Women In Solitary Confinement

American Courtrooms Dangerous Places for Blacks

Private Probation Companies Extort from Poor

Prosecuting Black Victims

Obama, the State of the Union and the Prison State

A Smoking Gun

12th Man

Legalizing Oppression


Lorenzo Johnson’s Case

Is the USA Above the Law?

Fighting the Oppressor

Razor Wire Plantations

For the Rosa Luxemburg Conference

SCI-Mahanoy Officers Trample First Amendment Rights

Write a Letter Supporting Pvt. Manning’s Request for Clemency!

Petition: Mumia Abu-Jamal is Innocent! Free Mumia, Now!

An Urgent Fundraiser for Lynne Stewart’s Medical Needs