Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Philadelphia DA Launches New Attack on Mumia Abu-Jamal

White Riots at the Center of Empire

How to Fight COVID-19 and Fascism

A Tale of Two Coups

White Settler Uprising at the Capitol

Nightmare Years

Key Lessons of a Failed Insurrection

Attempted Insurrection Fails

It's Up to Workers to Defang the Fascists

Storming Congress: Don't be Shocked

The Electoral College Must Go

The Pardoning of Blackwater Killers

Richest 500 Add $1.8 Trillion to Their Wealth in 2020

Zombie Capitalism

The Working Class: Robbed, Poisoned, and Killed

Farmers' Protest in India

Food Fight in India

Eighty Israeli Teens Refuse to Serve in Army

2021 Shministiyot Letter

We Don't Need New Domestic Terrorism Laws

New Anti-Protest Bills

United Front vs. Popular Front

Science, Philosophy and Marxist Dialectical Thinking

Cuba's COVID-19 Vaccines Serves People, Not Profits

A Tribute to Ernie Tate (1934-2021)

Incarceration Nation

Is an Innocent Man Still Languishing on Death Row?

Free Ed Poindexter

The Prosecution and Persecution of Julian Assange

Starving for COVID Relief

Letter to the Editors



Fighting to Win