Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Oakland Longshore Workers, Teachers Join Forces to Combat City's "Privatization"

Peace and Justice Can't be Won Through Negotiations with Capitalists

The Main Enemy is at Home

Antiwar Groups Demand Biden End Brinkmanship with Russia

America's New Class War

The Great Labor Resignation

U.S. Billionaires Gained $1 Trillion in 2021

Amir Locke: Murdered by Minneapolis Cops

Call to Action Against Ottawa Anti-Vaccine Trucker Convoy

Get the Truck Out!

The New York Times, Wall Street's Mouthpiece

Prisoners of Fear

Artistic Freedom, Censorship, Counter-Revolution,
and Cuba

Amnesty International Says Israel Is an Apartheid State

Israel, an Apartheid Nation? Of Course!

Israel's Apartheid Against Palestinians

Israeli Defense Force Kills Palestinian U.S. Citizen

U.S.-Backed War on Yemen Continues

Ten Facts About the Abortion Rights Emergency


Battling Chevron

State of the Climate Movement

Fukushima Takes a Turn for the Worse

Greetings to the Luxemburg Conference

Incarceration Nation

Free the Freedom Fighters!

Political Prisoner Aafia Siddiqui Disavows Hostage Taking

Political Prisoners in Cuba and in the United States

Supreme Court's Cruel New Death Penalty Order

Leonard Peltier Needs to be Free

New Legal Filing in Mumia's Case

Archbishop Desmond Tutu 1931-2021

bell hooks Feminist Icon: ˇPresente!


Don't Look Up-the Movie for Our Moment

Letter to the Editors