Incarceration Nation

Kevin Cooper Suffers New Blow


The following articles outline the devastating new development in Kevin Cooper’s case. An innocent man on California’s Death Row at San Quentin State Prison, Kevin Cooper has already served 40 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit—a brutal murder of two adults and two children and the severe wounding of another child. The D.A.’s case against Mr. Cooper and the conviction has been thoroughly analyzed and totally disproven by his lawyers and a book by J. Patrick O’Connor, Scapegoat, The Chino Hills Murders, and the Framing of Kevin Cooper.

Governor Newson assigned Morrison Foerster (MoFo), a prominent law firm, to conduct a full investigation of Kevin Cooper’s case, but no such investigation took place. What happened instead was that a completely biased “investigation” that produced a lengthy report backing up all the elements of the San Bernardino cop and prosecutorial frame up of Kevin Cooper. The report’s conclusion: Cooper guilty as charged. The phony report ignored all the constitutional violations in the court rulings and all the evidence of racial discrimination in the case. There are multiple examples of both of these elements in the frame-up.

A defense examination of the biased report is now underway. It will be forthcoming shortly and will answer every falsehood in the biased report. It will be made available to the public and media outlets including Socialist Viewpoint.

We print the article from the newsletter of Death Penalty Focus, the preeminent organization to abolish California’s death penalty permanently as well as Kevin Cooper’s own response to this harmful setback in his quest for exoneration and freedom.

—The Editors