Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Solidarity with Ukraine!

Socialists Against Russia's War on Ukraine

Ukrainian Troops Gain Ground as Russian Missiles Pound the Cities

Call for Solidarity Actions with Antiwar Activists in Russia

British "Mega Strike"

Strikers Unite Across England

"Citizens' Insurrection"

Stop U.S. Funding for Israel's Massacres

Israel's Most Backward Government Ever

Sickening Similarities in Police Assaults Evidence Resilience of Racism

The Brutal Police Beating of Tyre Nichols

The Murder of Tyre Nichols and the Death of Police Reform

Cop City is the Future They Want

Morality, Medicine, Money

Amazon Labor Union Wins Certification in New York

82-Year-Old Alabama Woman Arrested for Overdue Trash Bill


Markets and Technology Won't Solve Climate Crisis. We Must End Capitalism.

We are "Greening" Ourselves to Extinction

Kill Capitalism Before It Kills Us


Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict in Ukraine?

Making (No) Sense of the Ukraine War

Marx's Communist Manifesto Has Much to Teach Us in 2023

Incarceration Nation

Kevin Cooper Suffers New Blow

The Kevin Cooper "Investigation"

Three by Kevin Cooper

End Game

Anything But Justice for Black People


Farewell Message to Wadiya, My Beloved

Straight out of Memphis

Union Action Calls to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

Ruchell Magee Must Be Set Free!

"Plant A Tree for Me"

Bring Our Elders Home!

Comrade Jonathan Jackson (2022)

Statement from Leonard Peltier

Letter to the Editors