Incarceration Nation

Wadiya Jamal, 1953-2022

Farewell Message to Wadiya, My Beloved

By Mumia Abu-Jamal

She was a springtime baby, born in the first week of April 1953. A girl from West Philly whose beauty made her stand out in a crowd.

She loved fiercely, like a lioness. This love blessed the lives of five beautiful children and blessed mine.

As a mother and grandmother, she was truly a sun on the planet, and when someone was disappearing, her strong love was shattered by each loss—of her mother, her father, and her son Jimmy, and above all that of the baby of the family, Samiya, which was the most profound fissure.

After that, each month of December was a trial by darkness. We would all wait for the first lights of spring that would dissipate this somber fog. But that was not the case. Her heart—her strong heart let go.

She loved like no one else.

I love her, I will always love her. All the children and grandchildren love you and will always love you.

Her smile was the only sun we needed, and we still need it now.

We love you, Wa-Wa. We miss you.

With all my love,


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