Table of Content

U.S. Politics and the Economy

A Practical Solution to an Urgent Need

United Auto Workers Loses at Volkswagen

Minimum Wage

School Achievement Gap

Privatization Perverts Education

Life, Death and the Bottom Line

Documents for Raids on Antiwar Activists Unsealed

The Price Of Human Life, According To GM

USA: Bad Jobs Country

Viewpoints on the Crisis in Ukraine


‘Polite Intervention’ and the Ukrainian Uprising

The Coup in Ukraine

Corporate Interests Behind Ukraine Putsch

Crimea: A Divisive, Dangerous Assault


British Antiwar Movement

Spain’s Massive March Against Austerity

U.S. in Search for Kony

What’s Really Happening in Venezuela?

Israeli Youth Refuse to Serve

From Cairo to Suez, Egypt Workers On Strike

James Connolly Rises Again… In Song


Climate Change is Violence

Mass Scallop Die Off

Environmental Injustice

Incarceration Nation

Scapegoating ‘Bad Apples’

Parents’ Nightmare: Babysitter’s Secret

Criminalizing the Homeless and the Poor

Children Don’t Matter: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Marshall Eddie Conway Released

Marissa Alexander’s Sentence Could Triple

Lorenzo Johnson is Waiting!

The Case of Shanesha Taylor

A Prisoner’s Salute to Bobby Sands

Chelsea Manning Acceptance Statement

Mumia Abu-Jamal: Innocent and Framed

Greetings to NUMSA

Land Grabs

Working for Change

The Hurricane: Rubin Carter

Letter to the Editor

Fifteen Dollars an Hour Now!