Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Constructing Workers’ Power

Mosul: Shifting The Blame

Iraq Veterans Against the War Statement on Syria Strikes

Another Dangerous Rush to Judgment in Syria

Dangerous Escalation of U.S. Wars in the Offing

U.S. Out of Syria Now!

From Drone Strikes to MOAB

Our Migrant Crisis

Trump’s Dangerous Saber-Rattling

U.S. Starvation Strategy in Yemen

South Africa: Zuma—and Capitalism—Have Got to Go

Palestinian Hunger Strike in Israel’s Prisons

Trump’s Indonesian Allies in Bed with ISIS-Backed Militia Seeking to Oust Elected President

Capitalism On Trial

Libyan Slave Market

Labor Must Unite and Fight!

“Sanctuary Cities” and Black Community Control of the Police

Chicago’s Criminal Cops

Revolutionary Feminism in Theory and Life

Parts From Hell

Far Right Rampage in Berkeley



In Loving Memory of Lynne Stewart

Lynne Stewart: A Love Story

Lynne Stewart: People’s Lawyer, Freedom Fighter


March for Science

Worse Than Flint

Round Up Seeds Kill More Than Bees

The Earth is Not Theirs to Destroy!

Incarceration Nation

Two Wins for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Emerging Fear-States

On Death Row—With No Death Sentence!

Numbers Don’t Lie

Major Tillery, The Man

Julian Assange Political Prisoner

Exposing Torture

The Abuse Goes On

Jeffrey Sandusky: Like Father, Like Son

Introspection of Capitalism

Chelsea Manning Free May 17

Truth and Injustice

Letter to the Editors

Forced Sterilization