Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Pandemics and Profits

Capitalism and COVID-19

COVID-19, Capitalism, and Socialism

Creating the Next Pandemic

The Real Lord of the Flies

Get Militant or Die

How to Save Transit Workers' Lives

Black Los Angeles Community Leaders Stand United

War on the Working Class

Polio, COVID-19, and Socialism

Marxism Returns

Time of Plague and Meltdown

Why Are Rich Americans Getting $1.7 Million Stimulus Checks?

Making a Mint off the Coronavirus

World Capitalism and COVID-19

Coronavirus Rips Veil Off Failing Capitalism

Letter from President Maduro as U.S. Threatens Venezuela With War

Venezuela's Coronavirus Response Might Surprise You

Cuban Doctors Go to Italy to Fight Coronavirus

Lift U.S. Sanctions Against Iran

Gaza's Siege is a Death Sentence


Ecosocialism or Barbarism

Coronavirus, A New World Historical Era and the Socialist Movement

Incarceration Nation


Experiencing COVID-19 on Death Row

Message to the People

Covid-19 Death at State Correctional Institution Phoenix, Pennsylvania

Let My People Go!

Failed Response to Coronavirus in Indiana's Pendleton Correctional Facility

Under COVID-19 Lockdown in Coleman Prison

British Court Refuses Julian Assange's Bail Plea

COVID-19 Is Turning Prisons Into "Kill-Boxes"

Prison Uprising Put Down as U.S. Inmates Demand Protection from Coronavirus

COVID-19 Cover-Up Exposed

Things Fall Apart


A Life Saved, And Lived, By Solidarity



Historical Note

Malcolm and Fidel in Harlem