Table of Contents

Events in France

French Workers Lead the Way

Blocking the Economy to Block the Reform

The Revolt Shaking France

Recipe for Revolution

Antiwar, U.S. Politics and Labor

Ignominious Surrender on the Mall

Demonstration Against Obama’s FBI Raids

Committee to Stop FBI Repression Fund Appeal

‘We Have Nothing to Say to a Grand Jury’

Condemn FBI Raids

Protest the Raids

Trade Unionists Against FBI Attacks

In Support of Midwest Antiwar Activists

Message from Front for Colombian Socialism

President Barack “Midnight Raid” Obama

Message from Lynne Stewart

Death of the First Amendment

Letter to the DREAM Movement

The Choice To Be Drowned or Hanged

Five by Gregg Shotwell

GM Gypsies and the Tentacles of Resistance

Kings Don’t Require Votes

When Work is Valued We All Prosper

We Will Defend our Civil and Human Rights!

Solidarity Prevails At Indianapolis UAW Local 23

No Vote Allowed on Half Wages

Black Is Back: Let’s March on White House Again

The Wars on Drugs and Terror: Mirror Images

Useless Eaters: the Stigmatization of Illness

That ‘Official’ Poverty Rate?

Cash-Strapped States Resurrect Debtors’ Prisons


Oaxaca’s Mudslide Disaster

U.S. Role in Congo Genocide

Civil and Human Rights

Justice for Oscar Grant! Jail for Killer Cops!

Bay Area Ports Shut Down: Justice for Oscar Grant!

Kevin Cooper, Innocent Man on Death Row

At War Inside the Walls

International Struggle to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

New Test Shows Key Witnesses Lied at Abu-Jamal Trial

Three by Mumia Abu Jamal

The State and Repression

The Media and the Boogeyman Syndrome

Party Fever

Letters to the Editor

Letters from Brother Khalil Bennett and Joe Johnson