Table of Contents

U.S. Politics and the Economy

Their Crimes and Our Punishments

Police Terror: The Legacy of Slavery

Order-Givers and Order-Takers

More Money, More Money, More Money!

Water is Life

Germany Just Made College Tuition Free!

Foreclosure Scam

Criminal Neglect: The Death of Thomas Eric Duncan

ILWU International’s Statements on ZIM Protests are Untrue

Immigration Reform: Fact or Fiction?


U.S. Love for Egyptian Tyranny

Thousands in Mexico Demand Action over Missing Students

World Embraces Cuba Model—Slaps the Empire

Gaza: Call to Action!

Ukraine Cease Fire

Nestora Salgado


Pollution Inequality in America

The Attack on El Salvador’s Water

Incarceration Nation

Police Censorship Defied!

Goddard College Commencement Speech

Another ‘Mumia Rule’

Ebola and the Real Health Crisis in America

 Who is Christopher Abruzzo?

Conviction to Convict


Defend Rasmea Odeh!

Medical Care Needed for Chelsea Manning!

Mississippi Incarceration Rate

Defend Marissa Alexander!

Prison Assisted Suicide—the Texas Way

Alabama’s Thrifty Jailers

Starve the Beast

Book Reviews

1960s and ’70s: Memoirs by Two Revolutionaries

The Troy Davis Tragedy

The Barking Dog

The Assassination of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Letters to the Editors

Nat Weinstein—An Oral History

Parts IV, V and VI