Table of Contents

U.S. Politics and the Economy

Their Crimes and Our Punishments

Kunduz Hospital Attack Was No Mistake

What It Means to Be a Socialist

The Trumpocalypse

If This is a War, Then Black Lives Matter is Losing

America’s Secret Army

Trained to Oppress

Killed and Killer Cops

Blacks Cheer Venezuelan Leader

Fugitive Slave Act of 2015

Depth of Poverty in the USA

The Fight for Dyett High School

The Movement Lives in Ferguson

Condemning Austerity

Tiny Guam

What Doomed El Faro?

We Want Our Due and We Want It Now

The American War of Independence


Corbyn Wins Labor Leadership

Student Victory in South Africa

The Migrant Crisis

Regime Change Refugees

A Year After Ayotiznapa

Arms Embargo on Israel

Of Course, It is an Intifada

Israel and the Syrian Refugee Crisis


The Yemen Tragedy

French Workers Show How to Fight


Wellhead and Tailpipe

Incarceration Nation

Pipeline Straight to Jail

California’s Secret Solitary Courts

California Solitary Success

‘Went in like Gestapo’

Our Broken Judicial System

Book Review

Writing On The Wall

Letters to the Editors