Table of Contents

U.S. Politics and the Economy

Lethal Business

Harbinger of a Police State!

Pulling a Kaepernick

National Anthem Protests Spread Like Wildfire

Dakota Is the New Keystone

Standing Rock Protests

Palestine and the Dakota Pipeline—Excerpt

Why Black Self-Determination Matters

Accidents are No Accident

Interview with a Drone Tech

Fooled Again

Banana Workers Fight Dole and Chiquita

Resolution For A Class Struggle Workers Party

Solidarity With Standing Rock


Anti-Imperialism and the Syrian Revolution

U.S. Escalates Involvement in Yemen

Murder in the Philippines

Ecuador and Chevron

UK Victory for Corbyn!

Digital Democracy Manifesto

Fighting Austerity in the UK

World’s Largest General Strike

Colonizing Palestine

William Dared to Challenge the King

South African Workers Challenge Neoliberal Policies

South African Students On The March


Cuba and Haiti

Silent Skies

We Are Not Alone

Incarceration Nation

Leonard Peltier Is My Father and He Deserves Clemency

New Slave Revolt

Anti-Retaliation Letter

Is It Illegal To Be Black In America?

Convicted With No Evidence

Body Cams are Not Enough

It’s High Time for Mass Mobilization to Free Mumia!

Judging Injustice

Shorty Wins Again!

Book Reviews

How Power Works

Unsinkable Patriot

Sherlock with a Working Class Eyeglass

Letters to the Editors

Letter to the Editors