Table of Contentss

U.S. and World Politics

California Burning, Puerto Rico Drowning

Hurricanes and Capitalism

Trillions for New Nuclear Weapons

Our Ever-Deadlier Police State

Turning the Victim Into the Criminal

Black Panthers Didn't Fight Symbols

FBI Targets Black "Ideology"

Social Democracy or Revolutionary Socialism?

Protest Alone Won't Stop Fascism

How You Can Organize for Socialism Today

Winning Universal Healthcare

Trump-Goldman Sachs Tax Cut for the Rich

How Billionaires Become Billionaires

The Social Security "Big Lie"

Drugs, Money and Political Prostitution

Bill Clinton's Favorite African

U.S. War in West Africa

Indonesia's "Communist Ghosts"

Fanon's Knife and Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico and the Jones Act Conundrum

The Genocide of the Rohingya

When Is Genocide Genocide?

Britain's "New Politics"

Incarceration Nation

Dennis Banks ¡Presente!

Major: Battling on Two Fronts

Kneeling for Justice

Puerto Rico-A Colony by Any Name

Herman Bell Under Attack

Confederate Monuments Celebrate Yesterday's Slavery
and Racism, U.S. Prisons Practice Slavery and Racism Today (2017)

Why is Jeremiah Tatum in Florida's Solitary Confinement?

Major Tillery: Still Fighting for Justice!


Hurricanes, Global Warming, Environmental Racism
and Anti-Immigrant Laws


Corporate Assault on Science

Killing of History

Eve of Destruction…Or Revolution?

Letter to the Editors

Letter to the Editors