Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Talking Back to the Talking Heads

Capitalist Ju$tice vs. A Socialist World

U.S. Military Spending Threatens More War 

Socialist Orientation to Splits in the Trump Administration and Capitalist Class

Chicago 1968

Blaming Women for the Sins of Men

Growing Up Under Threat

Despair Amidst Insecure Economic Recovery

Zero Tolerance

Taxi Drivers' Victory

South African Conspiracy Theory

Cameroon Atrocities

Gaza's Economy Goes into Freefall


Climate of Class Rule:  Common(s)er Revolt or Common Ruin

Climate Change: What About the Marxists?

Red-Green Revolution

Wholesale Crimes

Incarceration Nation

Bi-Partisan Hell

Prison Slavery

Born in a Cell

Life Without Parole

Lying With a Straight Face

Our Shared and Tortured History

Prison Labor is Modern Slavery

Heroic or Heinous: The Death Penalty Case of Thomas Porter

Speaking from the Inside

Prisoners in Danger

Inmates Push for Voting Rights

Arsenal of Marxism

Nationalism or Internationalism? - Part 2

Book Review

Immigration Nation