Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Russian Socialists Against the War

What the World Needs Now

Russia: "The Prison House of Nations"

Support Ukrainian Resistance and Disempower Fossil Capital

Putin's Criminal Invasion of Ukraine

Disagreements on the Left Over the War in Ukraine

The Ukraine War Grinds On

Ukraine: The Invasion of Capital

1,100 Russians Arrested for Protesting Putin's War

"Women, Life, Freedom!"

A Right to Life

Protests Against Compulsory Hijab Sweep Iran


Colombian President Delivers Historic UN Speech

Is the Mexican President Protecting the Army?

The Lies That Killed Chile's New Constitution

The Myth of the "Democratic" Jewish State

U.S. Sanctions on Cuba Bring More Hunger and Desperation

Cuba's New Family Code Affirms Equality

Liz Truss-Boris Johnson Redux

A Socialist Response to Far-Right Threats

Amazon Loses Bid to Overturn Union's Historic Win in New York

The Queen

Women's Rights Under Attack!


Capitalism Won't Fix the Climate Crisis-It Will Also Not Survive It

Water Crisis Portend Socialism or Barbarism

Book Review

Biography of Michael Harrington Exposes his "Failure of Vision"

Incarceration Nation

Leonard Peltier's Walk to Justice

End Extreme Prison Sentences

PennCELLvania's Disease of White Supremacy Spreads to Tennessee

When the Environment Turns

The Death of the Death Penalty

Leonard's Song

Letter to the Editors