Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Over 2,500 Migrants Died or Went Missing in the Mediterranean this Year

U.A.W. Leads a New Surge Forward for the Labor Movement

Israel-Palestine: No to the Invasion of Gaza! End the Occupation!

Palestine: The Resistance Rises Toward Revolution, Return and Liberation

Zionism's Ethnic Cleansing

Putinism: A New Form of Fascism?

Putin's Russia Claims to Be Fighting Nazism, but It's Persecuting Anti-Fascists

Q&A: Navigating the Left's Ukraine Debate

When the American Hawk Decides to Devour the Niger Chick

The Centenary of the Death of John Maclean

Workers Will Rule When They Work to Rule

Slow Walks and Tough Talk: Auto Workers Turn the Screws

Auto Workers Escalate: Surprise Strike at Massive Kentucky Ford Truck Plant

UAW Strike Gives Working Class Hope

The U.S. Needs a Socialist Movement to Break It Out of the Two-Party Choke Hold

How the Black Misleadership Class Provides Cover to Cop City

Friedrich Engels Correctly Assessed What's Wrong with Housing Under Capitalism


"Humanity Has Opened the Gates of Hell"

"Not Japan's Trash Bin"

Environmentalists Owe an Enormous Debt to Julian Assange

A Transportation Equity Vision for the Future

Incarceration Nation

Kevin Cooper Again Denied Justice by the State of California

I Worked in Federal Prison Sweatshops for 23 Cents-An-Hour

Pennsylvania's Department of Corruption

Increased Violence Prompts Statewide Prison Lockdown in Texas

No Place for Old Men

Leonard Peltier's Letter to Supporters


In Memory of Dennis Leroy Edge