Table of Contents

September/October 2006 • Vol 6, No. 5

Middle East

The Real Reasons Behind the So-called ‘War on Terrorism’

By Nat Weinstein

Where are the Achievements of This War?

By Uri Avnery

Iraq Raped: An Illegal War Degenerates

By Raed Jarrar

Israel Should Pack Up and Go

By Nadim Shehadi

When Jews Behave Like Nazis, They Become Nazis

By Khalid Amayreh

A Report from Lebanon

By Bilal El-Amine

An Open Letter to President George W. Bush

By Salim El Hoss

Hizbullah’s Attacks Stem from Israeli Incursions into Lebanon

By Anders Strindberg

Into the Meat Grinder: A NATO Force Would Benefit Israel, Not Lebanon

By Robert Fisk

The Deadly US-Israeli-UN Shell Game: Goliath Pretending to be David

By Jonathan Cook

The Worst Kind of Israeli Terror

By Eliza Ernshire

The Palestine Right to Return Coalition Condemns US/Israeli Aggression

UFPJ: The Absence of Moral Character

A statement issued by the Free Palestine Alliance

US/Israel Is Hoping to Isolate and Topple Syria by Holding Sway Over Lebanon

By Tariq Ali

Who Started?

By Gideon Levy

Hizbullah, Hamas and Israel:Everything You Need To Know

By Alexander Cockburn

Hizbullah Welcomes Socialist Allies

The New Arab World

By Hana Abdul Ilah Al Bayaty

United States Labor, Immigration and Justice

Five by Gregg Shotwell

The GM/Delphi/UAW ‘Buyout’ Swindle

Delphi Problems Outsourced to Psychic Hotline

SOS Won’t Fade Away

‘Let’s Get Together and Plot Our Counter-offensive’

‘A Feminist in a Burkah’?

AnotherAmerican Killing Field—on the Job

By Roland Sheppard

Down But Not Out

By Caroline Lund

Thoughts from the Sidelines

By Staughton Lynd

Three by Mumia Abu Jamal

The War Against the Elders

Kids at War With the World

Immigration’s Echoes

Worker’s Rights Organizing in New Orleans

By Jordan Flaherty

What’s Next for the Immigrant Rights Movement?

By Nativo López

The Lynne Stewart Conviction: Legal Steps to Fascism

By Pat Levasseur

A Letter from an Old Friend and Comrade About an Historic Strike

By Joe Johnson

Latin America

Cuba, Fidel and Trotsky

By Celia Hart

How Cuba Sees the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union

By Walter Lippmann

Mexico: Lopez Obrador Challenges Election Results

By Rob Lyon


The Ideological Debate in China

By Pallavi Aiyar