Editor's Page

Where the Global Economy Is Going and Why

By the Editors


Fatigue Cripples U.S. Army in Iraq

By Peter Beaumont

The Mercenary Revolution

By Jeremy Scahill

The Bloody Failure of 'The Surge': A Special Report

By Patrick Cockburn

A Little Easier to Occupy from the Air

By Ali al-Fadhily

Benchmark Boogie: A Guide to the Struggle Over Iraq's Oil

By Antonia Juhasz

Whose Oil Is It, Anyway?

By Antonia Juhasz

Iraq Oil Ministry: No Dealing With Unions

By Ben Lando

The U.S. and the International Community vs. Islam

By Brian Schwartz

A Nail in Maliki Government's Coffin?

By Ali al-Fadhily


Out Now!

By the Editors

How to End the War

By Carole Seligman


Palestinian Doctor Paints Picture of Gaza Under Siege

By Mark Almberg

Putting the Cart before the Horse: An Answer to James Petras

By Bonnie Weinstein


Temporary Status/Permanent Impact

By Gregg Shotwell

A Practical Solution to an Urgent Need

By Gregg Shotwell

Immigrant Workers in Chicago Win Strike

By Lee Sustar and Orlando Sepuldeva

On the DREAM Act

By Fernando Suárez Del Solar


By Paul Craig Roberts

Political Prisoner's Page

Two by Mumia Abu-Jamal

The War Against Ward Churchill

Of 'White Trees', Black Boys and Jena, Louisiana

United States

In Jena, Racism is the Real Crime

By Bonnie Weinstein

Martial Law is Now a Real Threat: Declaring the U.S. a Battlefield

By Dave Lindorff


Cuba's Fight Against Capitalism's Climate Crisis

By James Haywood

Hard and Obvious Realities

By Fidel Castro Ruz

Politics and Sports

By Fidel Castro Ruz

In Spite of Everything

By Fidel Castro Ruz

Interview with Celia Hart: Trotskyism and the Cuban Revolution!

By David Rey

Healthcare Lessons from Cuba

By Rosalie Westenskow


Trotsky in Caracas

By In Defense of Marxism