Table of Contents


Double-Down Wars

Why are Egyptian Liberals Celebrating a Massacre?

Egypt: Socialists Need to Rethink the Military Takeover

Egypt: ‘Do Not let the Army Fool You’

Down with Military Rule! Down with Al-Sisi, Leader of the Counterrevolution!

Down with Military Rule! No Return of the Brotherhood!

Egypt: End the Military Repression

Imperialism, Sectarianism and Syria’s Revolution

Syria: Chemical Weapons Massacre

Trains on Auto Pilot

War Has No Deep Evolutionary Roots

U.S. Politics and the Economy

Detroit and America’s Racial ‘Exceptionalism’ 23

Obama Is Just as Bad as Zimmerman

Stand Your Ground and Beyond

The Memo at the Heart of the Global Financial Crisis

Kafka’s America

NSA Surveillance Through the Prism of Political Repression

Forty Years of Struggle, The Fight for Control at UPS

Stop Calling Me a ‘Whore’

Alex Rodriguez and the Pink Elephant in the Room


Chevron Oil Disaster—One Year Later

What’s the Value of Nature?

Dangerous Operation

The Fukushima Nightmare Gets Worse

Incarceration Nation

The Plight of California’s Prisons

Prison Human Rights Movement

The Murder of Billy Sell

Listening to Grown Men Scream and Cry

Lynne Stewart Case: The Judge Rules

Cosmic Bout! Down, But Not Out for the Count!

To Protest is a Right

California’s Truth

Odyssey of a Prisoner-Advocate

Pennsylvania Prison Brutality Exposed

Crimes and Punishment (or Not)

Top Ten Ways Bradley Manning Changed the World


Fire on the Nile

In the Name of Al Qaeda

Free Stephen Murney

Song for Pelican Bay

Letter from Lynne Stewart

Clemency for Bradley Manning

Book Review

Incarceration Complex

Letter to the Editor

Campaign for a United Socialist Party