Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Vote Socialist in 2020

Symptoms of Terminal Capitalism

Year of the Plague

Another Hiroshima is Coming

The Attack on Science

When America Bombed Itself

Huge New Military Budget

Inhumane at Any Time

The Two-Headed Hydra

The Disproportionate Blues

Remaking the World

"All Evictions are Violent"

Cell Phones, Not Guns in Today's Protest Movement

Suicide or Lynching?

"Please Forgive Me"

Breonna Taylor: Victim of Gentrification

Portland Mom Speaks Out!

Freedom or Freedom of Assembly?

Portland Dads with Leaf Blowers

Terror Tactics in Portland

Police Don't Belong in the Labor Movement

Secret Police Deployed in Portland

Military's Role in Civil Unrest

Dictatorship of (White) Capital

Immigrants are Dying in Detention

UK Compensation to Slave Traders

Palestinian Day of Rage

How Israel Shaped U.S. Policing


Microplastics Falling from the Sky

Incarceration Nation

U.S. Prisons: Mass Releases Demanded!

Racism and Murder Against Black Lives

No Slavery! No Exceptions!

Punished for Being Sick at San Quentin

The Perils of Reform

Children of the Corn

America: Rogue Nation?

Eight Minutes Forty-Six Seconds

Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

The Arsenal of Marxism

The Long View of History