Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

"Genocide Schools"

Tears of Empire

Capitalism's Never-ending Wars

Haiti: A History of Imperialist Domination Continues

Building Solidarity with Haiti's Popular Movement

A Tale of Two Countries

In Defense of the Cuban Revolution

U.S. Weaponization of Cuba Protests

Six Ways the U.S. Blockade Makes Cubans Suffer

What's Actually Going on in Cuba?

"Color Revolution" in Cuba

Cuba Solidarity Campaign Statement from the UK

Eye-Witness Account of U.S. Attempts to Destabilize Cuba

Let the Cuban People Live!

Afghanistan Aftermath

Afghanistan: The Cynical Betrayal of U.S. Imperialism

Mobilizations by Women's Rights Supporters Needed

Why I Signed the Petition for My Own Recall

Medicare For All!

Glen Ford: Revolutionary, Friend, Leader, Lover of Black People

Where are the Guardians of Public Health?


The Earth is Burning

Stop Line 3 Tar Sands Pipeline

Book Review

Windy City Torture Underground

Incarceration Nation

Kevin "Rashid" Johnson, Under Attack

Pulling Wings Off Flies

Who Is Steven Donziger?

Daniel Hale Sentenced to 45 Months in Prison for Drone Leak

Day In The Death Of British Justice

Letter to the Editors


In the spirit of Mandela