Table of Contents


Kwame Montsho Ajamu Somburu ¡Presente!


Poison, Poison Everywhere

U.S. Water Utilities Downplay Contamination

Flint Had Many Betrayers

Social and Economic Causes of Disease

High Corporate Crimes In Michigan

Extinction and Capitalism

Racism is Toxic

U.S. Politics and the Economy

Frisco 5 Hunger Strikers


Whole System is Guilty as Hell

Hillary’s Crusade

Beyond Campaign Finance

Scandal Legalized

Make Healthcare for All a Reality

New Day for Rasmea Odeh

Summit on Saudi Arabia

A World War Has Begun

Delivering Death


Brother Obama

Cuba’s Revolutionary Zeal

Mexico: Search for Truth Blocked

The Rape of East Timor

Outrage in Honduras

U.S. Role in the Honduras Coup

Israeli Apartheid

Logic of Murder in Israel

Democracy in Swaziland

Incarceration Nation

The Torture of U.S Political Prisoners

Solitary Confinement

Stop the Execution of Kevin Cooper

Conclusive Evidence

Nobody’s Fooled by Big Pharma!

Sex, Lies, and Wrongful Conviction

For-Profit Incarceration

Barrios Unidos

Child Lifers

Death by Incarceration

The Children of Perdition

Voting For Your Pain

Mondo Mourned