Table of Contents

U.S. and World Politics

Solidarity With Antiwar Activist, Joe Lombardo!

What the World Needs Now

Cost of Post-9/11 U.S. Wars: $8 Trillion and a Million Dead

America Is Now the World's Police Force

The Capitalists Must Pay

How 43 Students Vanished Into Thin Air

Department of Justice must Drop Assange Case!

Jail Killer Drone Operators, Not Drone Whistleblowers

Horsemen of a New Apocalypse

New York Times to China: End Zero COVID-19 Policy

Supreme Court Wants to Control Men's Bodies

Women's March for Abortion Rights

I Know the Harm the Texas Anti-Abortion Law Will Cause

Abortion Rights Will Be Won in the Streets

We Condemn "Project Nimbus" Aid to Israel

Labor Struggles in South Africa and the World

Metalworkers in South Africa Go on Strike

Protests in Puerto Rico Over Energy Crisis


The Apocalypse Now

Prisons are Environmental Killing Fields

"Biden, Can You Hear Us Now?"

China's Emissions Are Made in America

Nothing Natural About These Disasters

Lead Contaminated Water in Benton Harbor

Climate Justice a Top Priority for Labor

Incarceration Nation

Imprisoned in Sundown Towns

Courageous Attorney Sentenced for Contempt of Court

Steven Donziger Sentenced to Prison

Rikers Island: New York's Heart of Darkness

Mental Illness in Solitary

Electronic Monitoring Amid COVID

Scanning Prison Mail, a Surveillance Nightmare

Lucasville Gas Chamber

Inventing Pretexts to Justify Official Crimes

Greetings From Quarantine


No Hope for Earth without Indigenous Liberation

Letters to the Editors